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Meredith Patrick - Angel Reader and Psychic Life Coach

I have been feeling spirit and angelic messages for most of my life - but didn’t understand them.  In order to pass on the words of guidance from the Archangels, I started on my self healing and divine journey to understand what I feel and to help others walk their path.

I believe that sometimes we need guidance and messages of encouragement in order to stay on our path. 

People who receive Angel readings receive messages that are related to their biggest questions and walk away with encouragement and faith in themselves and their potential.  I believe that my purpose is to help others achieve peace, love and validation.

Over a decade ago I became a trained Life Coach while working in the corporate world.  I saw a need to help people overcome their personal obstacles to help them achieve their professional goals.  I then opened The Family Healing Centre and saw a need for people to process their personal challenges in order to get the self confidence they need to feel positive about their lives.  Now I am putting psychic readings together with Life Coaching!  Using a reading to help determine your goals, putting together a plan to help achieve those goals and then following up with divine advice on how you can stay on track!  Change can be hard but the Angels are here to help!